About Us

  • Fun-filled learning environment that engages each child.

    Parents of school children live in a busy rush: drop off at school, pick up from school, home for a light meal, off to one class, grab a bite in between, off to another coaching program, etc. Most parents try to enroll their children in as many programs as possible, many of them are not conveniently located near home or school. But how about spending some quality time with your kids? Do you get to make time to just be with them? For a large number, the answer is no. In a race to make our children all-rounders, we miss the chance of spending some proper family time together.

    At 360° we empathize with a parents’ need to have your child in multiple after school activities, so we provide them all under one roof providing more time for you and your family. Our vision is to combine various academic and non-academic classes in one location. With well researched and age specific programs, we encourage a holistic approach to learning with a focus on health and education. We strive to see healthy, happy families.

    • Arts & Crafts

      We help kids find their inner artists with new and fun crafts each day!

    • Yoga

      Fun yoga adventures to build strength, balance and confidence.

    • Chess Strategy

      Learn the strategy of chess in a fun and educational environment.

    • Homework Club

      Book Adventure is a fun, free way to motivate your child to read!

    • LEGO Robotics

      Build with brilliance and experience Legos in an educational environment.

    • Music & Dance

      Our teachers help children of all ages experience the joy of music, movement and dance.

  • Meet Our Staff

    With experience in education and childhood care
    • Jeremy Briley
    • Somia Malik
      Regional Director
    • Olivia Orphanides
    • Yvette Jimenez
    • Asal Kashani
  • Testimonials

    • We joined our son at 360° in September. We are amazed by the energy and passion of the teachers and pleasantly surprised by how much they care and remember. Every day teachers take time to discuss what my son did. We love the healthy diet program. We are so amazed on day one when the teacher told us our son ate fruits which he hesitate to eat at home.

      We love 360° and our son loves it.

      Parents of Chakri
    • My daughter has been going to 360° for three months now, and we are extremely happy with Miss Fatima, her lead teacher. The school invests so much in the learning materials and the organic food. The staff is highly motivated and really kind and attentive. I highly recommend it.
      Parents of Anu
    • We love the hugs for our kids, healthy diet and yoga. First time when my daughter spoke to Ms Sudha when we visited for walk through she decided she wanted to join. Ms Sudha adds personal emotion and builds healthy relationships with kids so they have fun and feel at home.
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